A Month of Taking Writing Online Seriously — The Midpoint!

For everyone starting, who wants to succeed!

Bill James-Wallace


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There is only ONE learning style! And it’s none of the VAK — Visual, Auditory and/or Kinaesthetic!

The only way people really learn, is by … doing!

It’s advice I give out all the time. I sound very wise and philosophical (in my mind) when I make this proclamation.

I used to teach the VAK. Quite passionately, in fact. People in the room ate out of my hand.

So I guess I’m a bit like a reformed smoker. Reformed smokers are the most passionate anti-smoking people you’ll find.

But Then …

With all my talk and posturing, I wasn’t really getting anywhere with my plans and goals.

Lots of reading (Medium, books, articles). Lots of watching (YouTube). And lots of listening (audiobooks, podcasts).

But I wasn’t DOING!

Then the “reformed smoker” in me, gave me a good talking to.

“If you are serious about this, stop bloody reading and start bloody doing!” — me … to myself.

Yes, I am serious, but when?

This was easy to decide. And I learnt something others may also realise but not act on … the best time to do the thing is when you have the energy for it. I know, that is obvious but bear with me.

I wake up at 5am (no, it’s not a structured ritual, I just do). My wife and I grab a coffee, sit up in bed and chill — social media, non-work emails, some reading or video watching. A nice, cruisey way to start the day.

But I am also a morning person. I have energy in the morning. The routine was taking a little of that energy, the “edge” some might say. After I’d had my “cruisey morning”, I had to get ready for the 9–5.


Now I write in that time. It may be 30–45 minutes but I can write a draft or finish a piece, and I’m building the habit of writing every day.

Since October 30, I’ve written every day and published 10 stories. I feel like I’m finding mygroove.



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