A Month of Taking Writing Seriously — November Update!

For everyone starting, who wants to succeed!

Bill James-Wallace


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November has ended!

So I thought I’d update my progress in the hope of encouraging others who write here on Medium.

You can read about the midpoint here. It was my 9th story of the month, so exactly the midpoint in number of stories!

I’ll keep this short.

📊 The statistics

  • November Stories: 17 (so much for writing every day! 😉)
  • New Followers: 210 — up 41. Previous best increase: February (23)
  • Income: USD15.18 (AUD22.98)— Retirement, here I come! 🤣 Previous best: August (USD1.09)
  • 30 Day Views: 1,112 — best day 169. Previous best — 331

🪞 The Reflection

How do I feel about all this? Pretty good actually.

For everyone who started following, thank you. It means a lot and it adds a certain amount of positive pressure to keep providing value. Thank you to those who left great and thoughtful comments.

Writing 17 stories was enjoyable. There days when I thought, “I need to write today, but what do I write about?”

The income is great. That’s a couple of coffees. But the income is the score, the game is the writing! And like any game, if you underperform, you’ll likely lose. It’s a great balance.

The views are also part of the score. If that grows, it indicates what I am writing is being found useful.

🔢 Conclusions

I enjoyed the commitment to write more often. I got into a groove where writing is part of my day rather than an “I’ll get to it if I have time.”

I write in the morning, as I am now, writing this. It’s 5:41am right now. It is fortunate we get up between 4:45–5:00 naturally.



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