E-Ink Showdown: Navigating the Nuances of Super Note and the reMarkable 2 for Enhanced Productivity

A Tale of Two e-Ink Tablets

Bill James-Wallace


Firstly, you’ll note the sub-heading is not Super Note versus the reMarkable!

Both tablets do what they do well, and it comes down to personal choice.

I have had both for around three weeks now and using them on alternate days which, at the moment, isn’t a great productivity hack! (i.e. Do not try this at home! 😉)

Caveat: I’ve been working with the devices for the past three weeks. The information is accurate insofar as I have proven it for my own purposes. If there are errors or omissions, please forgive me and let me know. Any errors will be corrected. These are great devices. And I encourage you to do your own research. Thank you.

About this “initial impression”

It’s not a typical review, there are no specs and stats to pore over. I want this device to use, not analyse.

The questions I’m asking myself:

  • will improve my workflow?
  • will it be a comfortable, easy experience?
  • will I reach for it as second nature?
  • will it end up collecting dust?

The Initial Workflow

In answer to the first question, I have found a flow that is working well. It’s very simple, though I expect it to change and improve over time.

With either tablet, I open to a new page each day.

I write out my daily agenda — even though this is in my electronic calendar, it helps ground me as the day starts.

On the same page (see image below) are my 3–7 major tasks for the day. I like five tasks ideally, but work is a bit hectic and so I’m allowing the extra two. If it gets beyond that, it indicates that burn out may be on the horizon.

I have meetings booked, so each meeting has its own page with the time of the meeting, the attendees and the agenda…



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