Are You Causing Your Own Unhappiness? (Part 1 of 4)

How modern society is screwing with you!

Bill James-Wallace


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Did you know there are four levels of happiness?

Let me walk you through the four stages and maybe we can discover the best way to be happy, more often and that lasts longer.

This is part 1 of 4.

After reading through each stage, it made me think — are we unknowingly contributing to our stress levels and why we’re tired all the time.

Here are some thoughts.

The four levels of happiness:

  1. Laetus (immediate happiness gained from material objects) Laetus Happiness is short lived; it is simply about sensual gratification based on things.
  2. Felix (ego gratification, achievements) This happiness comes from comparison: being better, looking superior to others, to be more admired than others etc.
  3. Beatitudo (contributive): This happiness comes from doing well for others and making the world a better place.
  4. Sublime Beatitudo (enduring, eternal): This is the ultimate happiness, it is perfect happiness. This happiness is the most difficult to describe. It involves a search for completeness and fulfilment.

Laetus: Focusing on things.

Laetus happiness is about things. We get a hit of dopamine with each pleasurable thing we get!

How cool! But it is also short lived.

So we seek the next short term thing. Searching for things takes energy. Mental, physical and emotional energy.

Also not having a thing can cause stress — because we want the thing and we obsess about it when we don’t have it. (duh!)

Question for you: Have you ever obsessed over something, researched the hell out of it, purchased it and then never really used it? (Asking for a friend 😉)

There is no harm in having and seeking things, but what if we become too focused on the short term pleasure hit?

And then, when we seek the other, higher levels of happiness, we have no energy to pursue them (more on them later).



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