Evernote: 3 Changes I’ve Made To My Note Taking

It’s easier to take notes, capture tasks and be more organised and productive!

Bill James-Wallace


I used to flip between apps constantly. I had the shiny object syndrome. I also got out of control.


Has this ever happened to you?

  1. You determine to be more organised.
  2. You decide to shake up your system and start over — a fresh start!
  3. You search for, and find, a new app that will be “the one”
  4. You throw all your tasks in there, categorising them, creating smart lists and getting things out of your head — Nirvana!
  5. And are then scared to open the app on day 2 or 3 for fear of what awaits! 😳

Yeah! Me too!

I’ve been a OneNote user for a long time. I even bought a Windows laptop just to get the most out of it with its fuller features!

I still like OneNote.

But my first real note taking love is Evernote. Once the doyen of note apps until all the usurpers crowded the marketplace.

Recently, I decided to renew my relationship and see if Evernote will take me back.

After asking for, and receiving, a generous discount from new owners, Bending Spoons, I paid the bill and hit “download”.

Change 1 — Installing the Mobile Widget — Simplicity Itself!

I am not a big widget fan! They take up too much space on a mobile and don’t always offer simplicity. (I may be using them wrong!🤷‍♂️)



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