Reconsidering Evernote. Can It Be What It Once Was?

Is my hero of yesteryear making a comeback?

Bill James-Wallace


I’m not sure I can count myself as an OG user of Evernote, but I wasn’t too far off. According to my notes, my first one still visible is 26 November 2010.

Excuse some of the more grandiose goals! 😉

I remember using it for everything. It was the place to put notes, create task and packing lists. Which I used as intended.

Being on the bus on the way to work, opening Evernote on my phone, and writing down my BIG 3–5 Most Important Tasks. And then, on the way home, happily crossing them off as “DONE!”.

Good Times! 😀

Evernote was the darling of the note taking app world.

But Then …

I was listening to the Mac Power Users podcast at some stage and the host, David Sparks, mentioned some dissatisfaction with Evernote, combined with an upgrade to Apple Notes.

Being the self-confessed nerd David is, he decided to try out Apple Notes over Evernote. To make this easier, there was an export (from Evernote)/Import (to Apple Notes) utility making it as easy as pie!

I had to try it! And yes, it worked just like it said on the tin. All my Evernotes were now in Apple Notes. Glory be!

However …

I wasn’t as invested in Apple Notes. It held no emotional appeal that I’d had with Evernote. And, while I could still sit on the bus planning my day, there seemed to be a gap, something was not quite right for me.

And so …

The search continued for a better note taking app. I stumped up for DevonThink (an amazing program but too complex for me).

I went back to Evernote briefly, but the magic wasn’t quite there, and it was the time of The Evernote Troubles. I was cautious and less committed as I had been before.

Working in the corporate world, I found it easy to use OneNote. But that can be messy along with its amazing integrations…



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