You’re NOT a Creator, You’re a Business Owner!

I know, it doesn’t sound as exciting but stay with me …

Bill James-Wallace


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I’ve been serious about posting on Medium in 2023 and I’m content with how it’s going.

  • This month has seen the biggest growth of followers, by 56%.
  • November has been my best earning month by 761%!
  • My story views have never been higher!

So what has changed?

Firstly, consistency. I’m working to write most days with a transition to every day.

Secondly, I’m working to write about stuff that will help others.

Finally, and most importantly, I’m treating my work like a business — delivering value for money.

In my 9–5, this is a basic requirement.

I work with people, helping them make changes to improve their systems, processes and business effectiveness. If I didn’t, I’d be fired.

Writing, for me, is no different. It’s work. It’s a business. My followers are customers. I need to deliver value.

The 4 Ps

If I go waaaay back to my marketing days, it was all about the 4 Ps:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price
  • People

Yes, that’s five!

But the marketing gurus never included People. And yet it’s ALL about people!

Using the 4 Ps, and looking to earn an income from the work, we need to address each of them.

Product — relatively easy: it’s the writing and any associated artefacts you may want to include! (PDFs, Templates, Other stories)

Place — in this case it’s Medium. It’s like a shop front. But, if it was a shop front in the old “bricks and mortar” days, how are you presenting yourself? Does your shopfront look inviting? Do people know what to expect when they walk into your “store”?

Price — Medium make this easier. If the above three work well, you’ll earn an income without having to set a price. I also like Gumroad where you can offer products for a price, but also for free…



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